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Darius Magazine - Beauty, joie de vivre and fabulous hedonism


Darius Magazine tells a story of people indulging in life, of the beauty of the human form, and of the joys and inspirations of the adventure that is life. Darius is authentic, uncompromising and everchanging. Darius is a moment of passion and pleasure, a pause for dreams and desire, a fresh breeze of seduction and inspiration. 

Darius is a portrait of an urban culture that celebrates joie de vivre, sexuality and fabulous hedonism. With verve Darius tells the stories of those luminaries who flick the switch and go for the unbeaten path. Taking on a naive appproach to the process, oblivious of industry praxis, Darius explores a broad scope of expressions: the elaborate oeuvre of an artist as well as the simple beauty of an emotion captured at a random moment.

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